Thursday, July 6, 2017

MOTAT Writing

Our trip to MOTAT inspired some great writing...

It was the day of Motat, it was finally here after weeks of waiting. The hall was bulging with excitement as we talked and waited for the bus to come.

Group 1 which was  room 17 lead us to a giant, blue and red bus with silver ferns on it, as we boarded the bus Miss Prentice did a count. Soon after we were on the road talking and laughing all the way until eventually we arrived at Motat. I was so excited I ran to the front and got out first, we got into our groups and walked through a big green gate. There was a tour lady named Teresa Kendall she was tall with short hair and long legs, she first took us to a meeting place where she went through the rules and boundaries.

My group was with Miss. Prentice she was going to look after us, we got released to find activities or displays to look at. My group was Kauri, Uate, Manawa, Daniel, Tarearea and Me we all were discussing what we were going to do first. After a while deciding we chose to go to the mirror maze we looked and looked until we were informed it got busted down to make room for a new one, so we firstly went on the tramps. I was first to go on  it, I slid my shoes off and climbed in. It was the best 30 seconds of my life the bounce made you feel like the earth lost gravity.

After that we all journeyed to the old houses, they looked freaky because there were display dolls that looked like they were in a horror movie, some houses even had fire in them it was so cool. We soon got tired of the houses and moved on to the old jails, that was very funny because Miss. Prentice looked inside the jail cabin and got a shock from the fake man in the blanket I got a bit scared too it looked so real.

Next we went to the sun room where we learned heaps of facts in a fun way for example there was a vr (virtual reality) game which you can explore the solar system and the universe  and you can see facts about planet or star’s and there is also lots of cool activities such as the sprint bang where you run and hit a soft wall and on a board it tells you what the pressure you impacted on it was, there was the mini air golf where you float plastic balls into the holes with an air slide and finally my favourite the inflatable sun that you walk into and it is windy as and so cold which it shouldn't be because it’s the sun.

Then we went to the meeting place to get ready for the learning time about simple machines, she lead us to a cool as ramp area with lots of interactive games and old video games such as space invaders and donkey kong where we learned about simple machines and how they work. She took us to an old fashioned room where we got to lift an adult
using a seesaw, I jumped on and I lifted her then we leveled Teresa said that I was around the same size as her. I was amazed that I could lift an adult.

It was the end of the learning course and time for the tram ride I had never been on it I was excited we ran to the tram spot, the area was so old fashioned because it was 115 years old that is really old. It pulled up on the rusty rails it was tilted to the side and had big electric power line running through a wire on the top of it, we jumped on and off we went. The driver was getting off and on tying the ropes to our side from the other passengers on the ride, it was very cool because it went through the zoo to and we also had a tour of the area. The funniest bit in the tram was when the man driving closed the door in miss. Prentice’s face. When it was quiet we all started to sing happy birthday to Miss. P it was so sweet, I was sad because it was the final activity.

Motat was a really great experience especially the sunroom because we learned so much in a fun way. I think my group also had a great day and good experience as well. It was a fabulous day.

By: Danielle Tuki

Hooray! Room 17 is going to M.O.T.A.T also room 22 and half of room 16. Hold on… before i start telling you about the story i have to say… HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISS PRENTICE!.. Ok back to the story so me and Nikyla were going to the hall so we can get into our groups.

We were supposed to go with Marlah and  Moana- lee’s mum but she wasn’t there so we went with whea chantel. When the first bus came our class was the first class to go on the bus. I wanted to sit at the front but i couldn’t because we had to fill up the back first. When we got to M.O.T.A.T there was a lady that lead our way to the meeting spot. Then she introduced us and told us  were the toilets were where and were the welcome to the Machines were. And some other things too. But the first thing to do is… EAT! It's not like i'm a pig but... well… i love to eat!(everyone does). After when we finished eating we were deciding where we should go. While we were deciding whea chantel reminded us that we have to learn and write about Simple Machines. So we went to the Welcome to the Machines. When we walked in it was like a space playground in there! We all said WOW! And jumped on the slide but before we did we stopped and asked whea chantel and she said ok.the slide was an incline plane and there was this thing where you have to connect it and try to make it move or spin but i don’t know what it is called so i will call it the spinny thingy. There was some other things that were awesome but they are kind of too long to explain so i will carry on. After we were walking and we saw the pump house so we walked in and wow there was a lot of 19’s machines. I was reading one of them and it says it compresses butter like literally butter. Not like it is weird but  i mean BUTTER! Ok carry on. In the pump house there were stairs so we went up and there was a HUGE machine. Not big but huge.everyone said that it was moving but i couldn’t see a thing down there.all i can see is a white plastic bag. I told whea chantel that it looks like a really really really dark basement.when whea  chantel saw the time she told us it was the tramp ride! Later after the tramp ride we went back to the meeting spot and teresa the lady took us in a classroom. In the classroom there was a big long metal thing that you have to stand on.she told whea chantel to stand on the other side so that we have to push her down. Teresa asked for the little one to go on and that was… ME! So i went on and guess what i was too light! And i didn’t push her down all she did was just stand there! Then we learnt the closer whea chantel gets the lower you get.

When Teresa lead us to the bus I was really really sad because M.O.T.A.T is like an olden day town! I Miss M.O.T.A.T.

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