Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Building Cars

In room 17 we have been learning about how a wheel and axle works by making toy cars, we first made a simple car from a peg, 4 bottle lids and a skewer straw axle. Then we did the B.A.R thinking key, which means; Bigger, Adding and Replace and we replaced the peg with a bottle, and hot glued the peg to the axle. By doing this we were able to make the car bigger and more stable, it also meant that it was easier to play with for little hands. The peg car was easy to break, so by taking the peg out we were able to create a car that didn’t break as easily. Maui also tried using ice blocks sticks for his car's base, he is going to add a string to his car so it can be pulled along.IMG_20170614_134106.jpg

By: Danielle Tuki


Rock Up

On Thursday we were very lucky to have the Rock Up wall at our school. Was very cool to see so many of our kids give it a try even though so...