Thursday, May 11, 2017

Science this week

This week we have been learning about simple machines:
We have learnt so far that there are 6 different types of simple machines-
Screws, Levers, Wheels and Axles, Pulleys, Incline planes, and Wedges.

Today we were learning how to complete a fair test.
We wanted to find out if we move the fulcrum on a lever can we make the ping pong ball fly further?
Here are some photos of us experimenting with our levers:

We found out that the further away the fulcrum is from the cup the further the ball would fly.
We also found out the if you put too much pressure on the lever it will fly high but not too far.
Also if you put too much pressure on the lever it will snap !
(Only one meter ruler was snapped in the making of this experiment)

Here is a quick video of some of our experimenting:

Sorry for Miss Prentice's loud voice!


  1. Wow, room 18, looks like you have been learing a lot about simple machines!

  2. Wow, room 17 you have been having a lot of fun while learning about simple machines. I laughed at the last video just as you all did. Heeeee

  3. i really liked doing that even though i missed out on some i hope we
    could do more stuff like that!


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