Tuesday, May 23, 2017

More science

We had a small class today since a group of children were away at the inter school rugby.
Since we had a small class we decided to have fun with levers and made mini catapults and then experimented with different ways to make them go further.
Here are some pictures of our catapults:

All you need is:
10 iceblock sticks  4 rubber bands  A bottle cap lid
A hot glue gun A bead to fire

catapult relies on torque, which is a function of the length of the arm and the speed at which it moves, to provide angular momentum to the projectile.

After the bead leaves the catapult, the only forces acting on it are gravity and wind resistance.

Experiment with how you can create a better resistance to get the bead to leave the catapult fire further.


  1. That was so fun! I figured out how to fire the bead really far!

  2. it was fun doing that Miss Prentice!!!!!


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