Thursday, April 6, 2017

Zoo Trip Writing

Zoo day

Ahhhhhhh…….the fresh wind blew on me, it was so hot in the long boring bus ride to the auckland zoo.

At the gate John, Frazer and Kirsty were standing with big bulging uniform that said zoo educator. They walked us along the rocky entrance, the first thing we could see was the tigers and lions.

We were walking with the other senior school classes to our meeting place where we discussed what we were going to do for the day and all of the rules.

Finally  we finished all of the rules and we seperated into our class room groups and went to Kirsty to learn about pests and all of the different traps that we use to catch them. We had to smell this black aniseed bait that you can eat but get very sick if you do. It smelt horrible to me but daniel loved it he even tried to eat it.

Then we moved onto the native birds sanctuary with Frazer, we walked to a big cage that looked like a prison.
I tried to open the door but it wouldn't open I thought we were stuck in there forever, but when the other door shut my door opened. WOW!!!! I said as we walked inside, the funny bird was standing up side down on the net that stopped them from going out. He got his stuffed animal bird that made the bird call noise and the birds came up and communicated with the stuffed animal. The birds were so cute.

Thirdly we went with John to the kiwi sanctuary before we all split up into our groups, with John we learnt how big a kiwis egg is he said to miss. Prentice that is it was like giving birth to a three year old. We also learned that when kiwis have their egg  mothers abandoned them and then the dad looks after it for 5 days then abandon them too.
We went into this dark place in this black habitat for the kiwis so they think it was night so we can see them awake.

We came outside and got to the center at the park we played for ½ an hour it was so fun that was a bit sad though because it was the last thing we went to, the zoo was so cool I especially loved the pandas.
I love the zoo.
By Danielle

Our awesome zoo trip

On one random monday rm 17, rm 18, rm 16, rm 21, rm22. We were  all excited to go on the  field trip to the  awesome Auckland zoo i said “yay,we are going to the amazing auckland zoo  and we are going to see lots & lots of animals”. Finally  the bus arrived , it accidentally went to the wrong school.

Once we arrived at the zoo kirsty was waiting outside of the bus for us . we had to line up like soldiers going to war .when we got to the auckland zoo john had taken the people from the  other bus . some people have never been to the zoo in their whole life time. We met up at the central lawn , rooms 17 , 16 & 18  went with kirsty , john & frazer to the nz part of the zoo . we went to the place where we learnt about pests & how to kill them & what species/animals that got to nz by themselves are called. First we were answering the questions from kirsty it was “ what do you call an animal that can only be found in certain countries and someone said “ native “ but she said “ no “. no one knew what it was until she said it was “ endemic “ i thought aloud what is the word endemic . one endemic animal and one of the most well known in nz and even or symbol “ the kiwi “ because you can’t find a kiwi in any other country so we are trying to keep them safe & healthy to grow more & breed more kiwi’s so the population of kiwi can rise .

Later rm 17 went to the tuatara lunch spot to eat because we were really hungry. We ate lots so we could last the day even some of the teams got to share lunch . me & my friend shared a big packet of original packet of doritos we also had some biscuits

After lunch te awaroa went to the toilet so we had to wait for him , we were like “ c,mon te awaroa because i wanted to go see the animals my favourite animal was the tiger because it looked funny how he grabbed his huge toy out of the tree. We didn’t get to see the kunekune pig and the tarantula . on the way home on the bus not only me but lots of other people  fell asleep on the bus because they were tired miss prentice even took photos of some people that were asleep on the bus. The zoo trip was amazing, awesome, exciting, fun and funny.
By Mikaere

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