Thursday, May 10, 2018

Fazil, Tk and Rome stop motion video

Edwin, Adrian and Ronit Stop Motion Animation

In our video the bull and the dinosaur have a fight.

Kalisitule, Dysharne and Christines stop motion movie

 Little red riding hood meets the wicked wolves and her and her grandmother don't do to well.

Eirene and Christina's Stop motion movie

In our video peter pan is running away from two little monsters. First, he is going to sleep and then hears a loud noise ARRRGGGGHHHH!!! He woke up and saw two ghosts he was so frightened he flew away this is my story.

Eirene's Game

Have a try with your friend to see if you can catch the ball.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Rona's Birthday

Happy Birthday, Rona!

Was nice having Rona's mum and family come in to share a cake for Rona's Birthday.
We all loved the yum cake and appreciate that you brought it in for us.

Such a special suprised

Parent teacher interviews

Don't forget that we have interviews tomorrow. This is a meet the teacher and set goals time. Reminder school finishes at 1.30pm.

Looking forward to meeting all our parents.


Fazil, Tk and Rome stop motion video